Season 4 Episode 1: “Have You Seen My Missing Pet?” by Patrick Barb

A struggling mother gives shelter to an elderly man searching for his missing pet.

In the spirit of spooky season, we’re kicking off season 4 with a properly terrifying tale of all-too-real horror. Buckle in, Patrick Barb has sent us on a bumpy ride! With Megan at the helm with a dynamic reading and holding down the hosting position, you may notice some changes from previous seasons. We’re excited to have Matthew Robinson as this episode’s special guest.

Season 4 Episode 1: Have You Seen My Missing Pet? by Patrick Barb

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Patrick Barb

Patrick Barb is an author of weird, dark, and horrifying tales, currently living (and trying not to freeze to death) in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is the author of the novellas Gargantuana’s Ghost (Grey Matter Press), Turn (Alien Buddha Press), and The Nut House (currently serialized in Cosmic Horror Monthly), as well as the forthcoming dark fiction collection Pre-Approved for Haunting (Keylight Books / Turner Publishing, October 2023). Visit him at or follow him at

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Megan Morrison

You can find out more about our wonderful co-host here.

Special Guest

Matthew Robinson

Matthew S. Robinson is a filmmaker and playwright who has worked on various projects for the Hollywood Fringe Festival and directed a short play for LACMA. He has most recently directed an episode of the comedic web series “Mister Harmac Returns.” He also directed the short film “The Beach” which is currently playing in several film festivals. His latest project is “Bloody, Bloody Coda” a horror short film he wrote and directed as a tribute to Italian horror.

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