Season 3 Episode 1: “All is Calm in the House on ‘O'” by Dallas Dorsett

Darlene struggles to find her place in tumultuous times.

We’re so excited to be featuring one of our good friends, Dallas Dorsett. Read by Megan Morrison.

Season 3 Episode 1: All is Calm in the House on “O” by Dallas Dorsett

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Dallas Dorsett

Dallas was first published at the age of eight. Her short story about two young girls, who dig in the dirt on a treasure hunt at their family farm in Oklahoma and discover a thick black goo that turns out to be oil, appeared in the “Weekly Reader”, a National publication for children, circa 1953.

She didn’t grasp the significance of this, however, and went on to pursue a career in graphic design, using her writing skill to create ad or business copy, now and then.

In San Francisco, 1975, Dallas met her late husband, James Mathers, an actor, who inspired and supported her as she tried her hand at playwriting. Since then she has written numerous full-length and one- act plays, many of which have received productions and staged readings. Most notable are the following:

Glass WallsStella Adler “Sundays at Seven” new play reading series. Winner of “Plays for a Better World” international contest. Produced, Fight Club Theater, LA 2007
The Light Shall Not be ClearWorkshop production, Working Stage, LA
Play DeadOne Act. Produced, “Can Festival of New One Act Plays”, Avery Schreiber Theater, NoHo Arts District, LA
Chamber GamesOne Act. Produced, Manhattan Class Company One Act Festival, NY; Actors Outlet One Act Marathon, NY; “Quartet”, Evening of One Acts, Two Roads Theater, LA
Opening NightTheater Performance Piece. Manhattan Class Company Summer Lab, NY. “Quartet” Evening of One Acts, Two Roads Theater, LA
SharonMonologue. Workshop Manhattan Class Company Marathon, Long Island, NY. Produced, “Winterfest ’94”, EST West, LA. “Playwrights’ Express Short Play Festival”, First Stage, LA
Hallways“Playwrights’ Express Short Play Festival”, First
Stage, LA
Moira and Monica Dine OutOne Act. Produced, “Can Festival Of New One Act
Plays – Covid Edition” Virtual Zoom 2020

Dallas and James moved to New York in the 80’s where she continued to write plays, and work as a graphic artist for Merrill Lynch.

In 1990, she and James moved to Los Angeles where they decided to collaborate on screenplays with some success – as in “money”.

Flight of the RavenDramatic Period Feature, co-written with James Mathers, Optioned, Deal– Fox Searchlight (as “Flight of the Raven”).
Ten Days in a MadhouseDramatic Period Feature, co-written with James Mathers, optioned.
Red TomAction Period Drama, co-written with James Mathers, Optioned.

Dallas was able to combine her graphic design and writing talents as she and James ventured into the world of new media, adapting some of their ideas as web series.

Glove Puppet PlayhouseThree 4-minute, animated screenplay pitch movies
LA NightmaresSix web series, with 3-minute serialized episodes
Hollywood CabbyWeb series about the adventures of a 60’s Hollywood cab driver.

Dallas considers herself as a writer of scripts as opposed to prose which she believes requires the ability to describe feelings and behaviors that can thankfully be left to the actors in a screenplay or play. She has not written many short stories, but has had one published recently. Firstborn appears in The Storytellers, a book of stories written by veterans and their family members, 2017.

Dallas is delighted to be selected by Nobody Reads Short Stories for her submission, All is Calm in the House on “O” and is looking forward to the reading.


Megan Morrison

You can find more info about our wonderful co-host here.

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