Season 2 Episode 3: “Station” by Joshua Adams

A young woman makes a pit stop at a gas station where not everything is what it seems.

We were so lucky to have Melanie Thompson and Jon Zelazny bringing this piece to life. You can listen to the audio on the player below, or on any of our podcast platforms by clicking on the button.

Season 2 Episode 3: “Station” by Joshua Adams

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Due to technical difficulties, Melanie was unable to perform on our live stream, and our wonderful host Megan stepped in last-minute with an amazing performance. You can watch that below.


Joshua Adams

Joshua works as an elementary art teacher in Johnsonville, South Carolina. In his spare time he does graphic design and other artwork. As an avid reader, Joshua ultimately found himself writing as well. Many of his short stories can be found on

Joshua created the cover art for this episode and also provided us with some of the concept art for this story. Creepy stuff!


Melanie Thompson

Melanie is an actor, writer, filmmaker and model. You can find links to her work at and can follow her on instagram @melanieleethompson.

Jon Zelazny

Jon’s latest release is the short story “Radio Sutch” in Switchblade #12, a Los Angeles-based crime fiction digest, available in print or as a download.

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