Season 3 Episode 10: “Pretty Was Her Face” by Eugene Ramos

A king trying to protect his daughter after the loss of his wife. A thief with royal aspirations. A witch with the worst of intentions. What could go wrong?

To close out season 3, we’ve selected this amazing original fairy tale by Eugene. The storytelling and language used transports you to the time and place the story is set in, makes it all feel so real even though the story itself is quite fantastical. We’re so lucky to have Michelle, along with Jeremy, yet again to bring this marvelous story to life.

Season 3 Episode 10: Pretty Was Her Face by Eugene Ramos

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Eugene Ramos

Eugene Ramos was born and raised in the Chicago area by immigrants from the Philippines. After devouring countless Shakespeare plays, he earned a degree in 16th-century British Lit from Northwestern. He later graduated with an MFA in Film from Columbia University where he received a fellowship from Comedy Central. Since film school, he’s participated in the Humanitas New Voices program, the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop, and the CAPE New Writers Fellowship. Last year his screenplay for the sci-fi short film, THEY CHARGE FOR THE SUN (directed by Terence Nance), was nominated for a Humanitas Prize. He currently writes for the Netflix animated series, THE DRAGON PRINCE. Because of his love for the Bard and science fiction, his friends gave him the nickname The Sci-Fi Shakespeare Guy. You can purchase a physical copy of the anthology PRETTY WAS HER FACE was originally published in, KEYS: UNLOCKING THE UNIVERSE, on Amazon.


Michelle Murphy

Michelle is an actor and writer living in Los Angeles. One of her pieces, “The Cleaner”, was featured in season one.

Jeremy Ray

You can find out more about our wonderful co-host here.

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